Welcome to Jorgio Dental Health Care Clinic. Our dental office is located in the heart of Uptown Cebu. behind Cebu Doctors University Hospital.
Dr. Charleston B. Jorgio, is a graduate of Cebu Doctors University College Of Dentistry. Graduated in March 1990 with the degree of Doctor Of Dental Medicine. Had post graduate training in 2002-2003 in Orthopaedic-Orthodontic dentistry and Temporomandibular Joint Treatment (TMJ). And a member of the Mid-American Orthodontic Society.
Recently applied a Lingual Technique Orthodontics (invisible braces). Addressed to adolescents and adults up to 60 years old. The greatest advantage of this technique is its superior aesthetics (an excellent comfort for the patients seeking maximum aesthetics), shorter treatment time, sanitary, no speech problem and easy clinical management.
Dr. Charleston, also specializes in Removable Prosthetics, Crowns and Bridge Works.
Dentistry has been perceived by many as associated or connected to pain. But it doesnt have to be. Its all in the hands of the dentist that gives the patient comfort and less pain or painless during the procedure and the key to this is light handedness.
He only believes in four things during his procedure and that if any of these four is missing it reduces the quality of dental work.



Knowledge clear awareness or possession of facts or principles will guide us to proper diagnosis.
Skill is the ability to do something well. In an oral environment or cavity where visibility is very limited, a dentist should be skillful in maneuvering his way during work. Now, you got to have a lot of skill with that!
Quality Material you need to have dental materials of good
quality to come up with good quality work. He always associates quality material with good quality, expensive denim. And the reason why he always recommends the good and high quality dentures and crowns that he believes that will last and stay longer.
Good Laboratory (for Removable Dentures, Crowns and Bridge works)
No matter how intelligent you are, how skillful or how good your materials are it will come out to a poor dental work if you dont have a good Dental laboratory. A laboratory thats so good that can make your porcelain crowns and bridges fit so tight that it will stay for a long long time! Even a lifetime!
In the Philippines every corner has a dentist! Its a statement that tells us that there are so many Filipino dentists! Some dentists are knowledgeable, some have good quality materials, some are skillful, and some have a good dental laboratory of prosthetic work. Theyre everywhere! Its hard to find a dentist that has all four qualities. You got to have a good concoction of these entire ingredients to come up with the BETTER QUALITY WORK! Now that you found us come and experience a whole new meaning of good quality dentistry!






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